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DigiCert Code Signing Certificates Digicert Code Signing

Sign Software Code and Content with

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It’s always more trust and confidence in users when they interact with digitally shrink-wrapped signed software codes and contents and that’s why a code signing digital certificate is a mandatory aspect for software publishers. Signing web application or software code through trusted Certificate Authority such as DigiCert will impact directly on user’s trust and confidence level, and it will bolster the number of downloads of your software. Protecting software through DigiCert Code Signing Certificate will revoke a suspicious third-party access and prevents virus and malicious codes are being installed in software. It’s easy to rid of from scary web and mobile browser's security warning through Code Signing DigiCert Certificate.

Easy Scalable Process to Retain Virtue of Software Contents and Codes

There are few steps process to sign code in short span of time, and the process of is as quick as to understand by the technical person or any non-technical person. Let’s explore these three steps to get your certificate signed by the most trusted Certificate Authority;
Step 1: According to your operating system, buy a code signing certificate from a vendor and then download a code signing “engine”.
Step 2: Select a piece of software code that wants to sign and sign it with a certificate token. Below are the types of code and objects that needed to be signed by a code signing certificate.
   • Web Applications
   • Enterprise Applications
   • Freeware
   • Device Drivers
   • Shareware
   • Middleware
   • OEM Software
   • Operating Systems
   • Packaged Software
   • Utility Software
Step 3: That’s it. Your code is signed with third party Certificate Authority DigiCert and now; it includes all your organization information, Certainly now, users will have the information that code is secured by digital shrink-wrap, and it hasn't been tempered or altered at all.

Pivotal Characteristics of DigiCert Code Signing Certificate:

  • A Comprehensive Security of Software Code and Content
  • Suppress Modern Web Browsers Warnings
  • Shield Various Objects of Your Software
  • Boost Number of Downloads along with 100% Users Trust and Security

Code Signing Certificates

Advantages of DigiCert Code Signing Certificate

  • Keep High Always Users Confidence

    Digital protect code and software contents will enhance user’s perspective in terms of confidence and will deliver a safe and secure message that code has been signed and protect with code signing digital security and it’s fully protect against fluctuating, virus, online theft, and much more.

  • Scale Up Online Reputation

    Keeping 100% security along with the modern technology in your software and make it avail for download and easy to use with few quick installation steps will help you to build your online reputation as brand for specific niche software solution.

  • Boost Your Channel Partners

    Execute a world-class code signing certificate security for your software to influence your growing online channel partners and deliver them a secure experience for their valuable online assess such as user’s data, internal software objects, enterprise applications and much more.

  • Premium Security

    Signing a code with DigiCert is like attaching the premium name for security of your software and ultimately, it is the direct message to users, they are downloading a software code that has been signed by a premium name in security industry. DigiCert is the most successful name in web security solution as per W3Tech recent survey for third party certificate authority on the Internet.

  • Bolster Number of Downloads

    Integration of modern code signing security in your software is just like a brand solution for users, and it is the remarkable element for users, who believes in online brand. Addressing a user about their valuable data security through code signing is the most critical feature as software publisher, and it is easy to do with DigiCert Code Signing Certificate.

All Modern Web Platforms Are Being Covered by DigiCert Code Signing

Microsoft® Code Signing

Sign a code for Windows ActiveX along with the critical Microsoft Authenticode file and kernel mode. It is a quick digital signature solution for multiple Microsoft applications, which includes end-to-end security for Visual Basic Applications and Office.

Java® Code Signing

Get a digital signature for Java Code Applets with the Java SE Development Kit (JDK). JAR applets with trusted digital signatures can access client-side resources.

Adobe® Code Signing

It is a compulsory to add digital signature in software if you want to run Adobe AIR files. Sign now with DigiCert Certificate Authority.

Apple® Code Signing

Sign applications for authenticated use in Mac OS with trusted code signing digital certificate.

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