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Secure Your PowerShell Script with Code Signing Certificate
Microsoft has launched a strong scripting language that has replaced traditional VB Script that was being used to manage Windows Eco System. PowerShell, which gives the power to enhance your Windows Operating system, especially servers.
EV Code Signing Vs Regular Code Signing Certificate
What you need to know about Code Signing Certificates? Code signing certificates are a way to sign digitally in apps, drivers and software programs and are mostly used by software developers. Code signing certificates contain the company name and signature of the company owner. Code Signing assures customers that their files haven't been hacked.
What are the Validation Requirements for Code Signing Certificates?
If you’re an organization that develops software and applications, you may already know how important it is to sign your software, applications or code with a Code Signing Certificate. So, what documents do you need to get a Code Signing Certificate? What’s the process? For organizational validation Code Signing Certificate, there are four requirements... Let’s take a look,
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