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A step-by-step guide on exporting a code signing certificate as PFX file in Google Chrome.
A complete guide on exporting a code signing certificate as a PFX file in Internet Explorer. Read now!
A step-by-step tutorial to export code signing certificate from Firefox browser. Now, to receive the actual certificate, you must export the certificate and private key and save it to your PC/desktop as a PFX (.p12) file. Follow the detailed instructions below to navigate through the export process in Firefox.
How do I export my Code Signing Certificate from Safari? Once the validation is finished, the issuing Certificate Authority (CA) will send the certificate via email to the certificate requester. Using Internet Explorer or Chrome or Safari, as your browser and the same PC which generated the order, follow the “pick-up” or “collection” link in the email and initiate the downloading process.
Our code signing experts at has built quick guide on signing a VBA Macro in MS Office with a timestamp. If you want to use timestamp for your VBA Macro, then read it now!
Per the kernel-mode code signing policy, it’s mandatory signing driver files through code signing certificate. Let’s understand how to do it.
We appreciate you coming to this page to know the exact process for ordering a code signing certificate. We appreciate you considering it as a mandatory trust factor and being aware of those pesky warning messages who keep the users away from your websites.
You get a code signing certificate in minutes or up to five business days. It all depends on what you choose. The issuance time of the code signing certificate varies on the kind of certificate you choose. For each type of certificate, there are different levels of validation that take a different amount of time to finish the process.
With effect from 30th May 2020, SHA1 timestamping is deprecated because the SHA1 roots have got expired. So it is highly recommended to use only the SHA256 timestamp server from now onwards. Also, Microsoft has announced a SHA256 transition a few years ago. This means that all the Windows software developers must be compulsorily onboard as of Jan 1, 2016.
Digital code signing certificates protect an application from every kind of phishing attack and modifications by external guests. Software developers use code sign certificate to sign their files, applications, and drivers, etc securely so that customer knows that your application/software is secure and cannot be tampered easily by anyone. When software developers go for a code sign certificate, they have two options to choose from: standard OV (Organization Validation) CodeSign Certificate and EV (Extended Validation) CodeSign Certificate.
The corona or COVID-19 virus is spreading all over the world, so as the trend of mandatory remote work rolled out by companies around the globe. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have also advised working remotely. From tech giants like Google, Microsoft, to big social networking companies like Facebook, Twitter to small startups, all of them are making sure that none of the employees are out in the office. For most of us, it is a new reality.
Microsoft has launched a strong scripting language that has replaced traditional VB Script that was being used to manage Windows Eco System. PowerShell, which gives the power to enhance your Windows Operating system, especially servers.
What you need to know about Code Signing Certificates? Code signing certificates are a way to sign digitally in apps, drivers and software programs and are mostly used by software developers. Code signing certificates contain the company name and signature of the company owner. Code Signing assures customers that their files haven't been hacked.
If you’re an organization that develops software and applications, you may already know how important it is to sign your software, applications or code with a Code Signing Certificate. So, what documents do you need to get a Code Signing Certificate? What’s the process? For organizational validation Code Signing Certificate, there are four requirements... Let’s take a look, utilizes cookies to recall and process the products in shopping cart. We integrate the user's data and site traffic at some points on communications, and it helps us to develop user friendly system on our website. Accept & Close    Understand more about Cookies