How Long Does It Take To Get a Code Signing Certificate?

How Much Time Needed To Issue All Types of Code Signing Certificates?

You get a code signing certificate in minutes or up to five business days. It all depends on what you choose. The issuance time of the code signing certificate varies on the kind of certificate you choose. For each type of certificate, there are different levels of validation that take a different amount of time to finish the process. Just a simple Domain Validation code signing certificate is issued within minutes of being applied and order. Extended Validation code signing certificate can take up to a full week as it totally depends on the issuing authority.

Well since you are here, you already know there are three types of Code Signing certificates. Domain Validation, Organization Validation, and Extended Validation. Each of them takes a different time period of issuance.

  • Domain Certificate - In minutes
  • OV Certificate - 1-3 Business Days
  • EV Certificate - 1-5 Business Days

However, there are certain things you can consider if you wish to reduce the amount of time taken to get your Code Signing Certificate

What is Needed To Complete Domain Validation?

Domain Validation certificate provides general encryption services to small websites like blogs, and brochure sites. It can be issued in minutes making it a go-to option for anyone who looks to secure their domain today. DV Certificate is the quickest way to activate the Secure HTTPS padlock next to your domain name in the browsers’ URL bar because it does not need any proof of domain control.

Domain Validation needs Domain Control Validation to complete. As the process is fully automated it comes with three different ways to verify the domain control.

  • Email-based Validation - <COMPANY NAME> will email the address on your WHO.IS record, or one of five pre-approved addresses. Simply respond in the affirmative.
  • File-based Validation - <COMPANY NAME>will email you a text file to place in your website's main directory. Afterwards we will scan for the file.
  • CNAME-based Validation - <COMPANY NAME> will email you a hash to place in your CNAME DNS record. Afterwards Comodo will scan for the file.

What is Needed To Complete Organization Validation?

Organization Validation Certificate offers encryption and needs light business vetting. It is a great way to encrypt your website as it also provides your customers with some verified business information. Your clients will appreciate the transparency you show regarding your identity.

We shall check your identity to ensure your business legitimacy and the authentication of your documents. This will take a few days to get back to you with the certificate. To issue this certificate we will verify the below things.

Domain Control Validation

We verify your domain ownership. We need to take this step to avoid the issuance of certificate to the wrong party. Mis-issuance can lead to major penalties for certificate authorities.

Organizational Authentication 

We want to just make sure that you are registered legally as an entity. This kind of authentication is needed for both Organisation Validation and Extended Validation. We take a look at your registration information and attempt to verify that your business is registered and active in your location. 

Telephone Verification

We also need to verify that you have a working and listed telephone or phone number in a trusted directory. This is required for both kinds of certificates. This process is easy but you need to just make sure that your phone number is listed. In our first attempt we will check your local online government database.

Locality Presence

We will need to verify that you are active in your registered location. As a part of the OV Validation certificate issuance process, the locality presence requirement is a must. This means that you have to have an active physical presence in that locality.

Final Verification Call

All you need is to answer your phone, that is it. This is the final step for both Organization Validation and extended validation. We need to call either the person who made the order or the specified company contact to verify some details.

What is Needed To Complete Extended Validation?

EV Code Signing certificate validates a business identity and secures data to boost sales. EV Certificate needs the most rigorous vetting but can also unlock an invaluable and unique visual indicator. We shall check that your company or organization is legally registered and active. It can take up to nearly a week due to the human element. We hereby need to verify for Extended Validation with the following steps.

Enrollment Form

Domain Control Validation

Organization Authentication

Operational Existence

Physical Address

Telephone Verification

Final Verification Call

How To Speed Up the Code Signing Certification Validation?

Sure you can. There are a couple of documents that you can furnish that will speed up how long it takes to get an SSL certificate. They are:

  • Professional Opinion Letter - A notarized form, signed by an accredited attorney or accountant, that declares your company or organization an active, functioning legal entity. A POL can satisfy five of the seven requirements for EV.
  • Dun & Bradstreet Credit Report - Dun & Bradstreet credit reports contain information that can verify operation existence, physical address, and telephone listing. To get a Dun & Bradstreet credit report you can click here. utilizes cookies to recall and process the products in shopping cart. We integrate the user's data and site traffic at some points on communications, and it helps us to develop user friendly system on our website. Accept & Close    Understand more about Cookies