Java Code Signing Certificate

A Java code signing certificate enables you to digitally sign all types of Java Applets and Java Applications. When the Java Program is signed using the Java code signing certificate, this makes the user believe that the Java code comes from a trusted source and it’s safe to use. This also indicates the user that the code is not being altered since it was signed. The user will not see any security message on their system when using the signed Java application. Once you have used java code signing certificate in your Java program, the macros of your program will display the publisher details further allowing the user to fully trust all the macros. All the macros will be signed by you.

Build Your Digital Signature for Java Code Using Java Code Signing Certificate

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Java Code Signing Uses

  • The Java code signing certificate is used to sign Java Applications for desktops
  • The Java code signing certificate is used to digitally sign .jar file
  • The Java code signing certificate is used by Java Runtime Environment JRE to sign Netscape Object

How to get Java Code Signing Certificate?

In-order to get a Java code signing certificate the user need to use the keytool utility. The keytool utility is used to create and to configure keystore .jks extension. It is advised and recommended to keep your keystore safely and also maintain a backup of the file. If the developer loses keystore file or forget the password to access then the developer need to either replace the certificate or start once again from the starch by generating a new keystore file which is a bit difficult.

There are few steps that are used to create and to configure the Keystore file for Java code signing which are listed below

Step 1: create a keystore
Step 2: For enrolling your Java Certificate generate a CSR as required
Step 3: Install the Java Certificate

Step 1: Create Keystore

You can create a keystore and a private key by just executing a specific command
For creating a password, enter and re-enter the keystore password
Fill in the application form which includes information
First and Last Name
Organizational Unit
City or Place
Country Name

Step 2: Generate CSR for keystore

Your keystore is being created now generate a CSR from the keystore by using a specific command
Now create a copy of the keystore file or backup the file
Copy and paste the .csr extension file into the enrollment form

Step 3: Collect your Java Certificate

Once the Java certificate is being validated it will be sent to technical Contact through email
Now make a copy of the Java Certificate and paste it into a text file.

Secure your Java Applet Code with Java Code Signing Certificate

A Java Code Signing Certificate to secure all kind of Java applets and applications code with the digital signature. It helps you to assure your users running java applet that the code they are downloading is safe with the digital signature and it’s hasn’t been tampered by anyone.

Digitally sign .jar files and Java applications for use with client's computers, web browsers, and mobile devices with broad-ranging trusted ubiquity. This means that your users won’t see an ugly security warning stating that your application was published by a company that is not trusted:

Java Code Signing

If you are using a java code signing certificate for your applet or Java applications, your macro will clearly display the information about you and generate the trust for your brand.

Java Code Signing

Key Benefits of Java Code Signing Certificate

  • Secure Your Java applet with digital signature
  • Ensure customers about your macro
  • Show your users that the macro is safe to download and install
  • Avoid warring dialog box messages for your applet code
  • Protect your brand.

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