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Kernel-Mode Code Signing Certificate

Pricing of Microsoft Kernel-Mode Code Signing Certificates

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Microsoft Kernel-Mode Code Signing Certificate

Kernel-Mode certificates are designed to allow you to sign driver packages so that your users can be sure they're installing a program released by your company instead of some overseas malware shack. When they first run your installer, customers will see that your driver packages were really released by Your Company, Inc. and were not tampered with by anyone between your server and their computer when they download and install your driver.

Kernel-Mode signing certificate is design to secure kernel-mode software and device drivers. The x64 editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 require all kernel-mode software to be digitally signed by a trusted authority.

Once you install the Kernel-Mode signing certificate the users will know that it comes from a trusted source (you) and Windows Vista and Windows 7 will inherently trust it.

Kernal Code Signing

Kernel-Mode Signing Certificate Benefits:

  • Protect your device driver code with digital signing
  • Ensure that the software can’t be modified afterwards
  • Allow the kernel-mode software to be installed on x64 Vista and Windows 7 machines

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