KERNEL-MODE Code Signing Certificate

With the increasing intervention of digital media in today’s lifestyle, the risks to the privacy and well being of the individuals is also on the rise. Of all the products available on the Internet, only some of them are safe to be downloaded and can be run on your systems without the fear of any malware imbibed in it. While, many on the other hand, may seem to be safe on the outer side, but for downloading may harm your system files completely. So, how should one know that a product is safe and genuine. That is what brings in the concept of code signing. In the world of Code signing certificates, Kernel-mode Code Signing Certificate is one such upcoming trusted name that a lot of people are banking on.

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Kernel-Mode certificates are designed to allow you to sign driver packages so that your users can be sure they're installing a program released by your company instead of some overseas malware shack. When they first run your installer, customers will see that your driver packages were really released by Your Company, Inc. and were not tampered with by anyone between your server and their computer when they download and install your driver.

Kernel-Mode signing certificate is designed to secure kernel-mode software and device drivers. The x64 editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 require all kernel-mode software to be digitally signed by a trusted authority.

Once you install the Kernel-Mode signing certificate the users will know that it comes from a trusted source (you) and Windows Vista and Windows 7 will inherently trust it.

Kernal Code Signing

What is code signing?

Code Signing is the process which guarantees that a product available on the Internet is genuine and trustworthy. It does that by means of a digitally signed certificate by the author of the script. This in turn assures that the script has been written by an identifiable person and that it has not been edited or harmed in the due course of its download.

What is a code signing certificate?

To implement the process of code signing, the author needs to buy and attach a code signing certificate with his/her product. The code signing certificate has the digital signatures of the author on it, which can be used to trace the identity of the author.

Who needs a code signing digital ID?

Any software publisher who wants to distribute his/her content or code over the Internet, providing it with a protective layer that shields it from the attacks of malware will require a code signature ID. A single code signing ID will work for many platforms- Windows 10, Windows 8, Adobe AIR, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Authenticate, Java, Mozilla and Microsoft Silverlight.

Key Benefits of KERNEL-MODE Code Signing Certificate

In addition to the versatility of platforms, a code signing ID provides with the following benefits:

  • Customer Confidence
    A digitally signed certificate acts as a stamp that the code is written by a genuine person and that it hasn’t been edited by anyone else. That builds the confidence on the part of the customer.
  • Authentication
    The Code Signing ID provides you with the information about the author of the script and in case, someone doubts it, they can easily trace the author of the script.
  • Ease of Use
    The code signing certificates can be used with the tools used for creating macros and software products, thereby providing ease of use to the customers.
  • 32-bit or 64-bit executables
  • Compatible with mobile and desktop platforms

What is KERNEL-MODE Code Signing Certificate?

Kernel-Mode Code Signing Certificate allows one to sign driver packages that make the users sure about the fact that they are installing a program that’s released by your company and not by some malware. They know this when they run your installer and see that your driver packages are released by your company.

The x64 editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 require all of the kernel-mode softwares to be digitally signed by some trusted authority.

Benefits of a KERNEL-MODE Code Signing Certificate

A protection to your driver code

An assurance that your software can’t be modified or edited by anyone

Provides easy installation of kernel-mode software on machines with x64 editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7

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