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Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate

DigiCert Code Signing Certificate

DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate

RSA Key 3072-bit or 4096-bit 3072-bit or 4096-bit 3072-bit or 4096-bit 3072-bit or 4096-bit
Encryption SHA-2 SHA-2 SHA-2 SHA-2
Issuance Time 1-3 Business Days 1-5 Business Days 1-3 Business Days 1-5 Business Days
Validation Type Organization Validation Extended Validation Organization Validation Extended Validation
Displays Verified Publisher Name
Instant SmartScreen Reputation
Physical USB Token (2FA)
Individual Developer Eligibility
Microsoft Authenticode Signing
Windows 8 &10 Signing
Windows Vista X64 kernel Mode Signing
Microsoft Office VBA Signing
Apple OS X Signing
Java Signing
Mozilla Signing
Adobe AIR Signing
Microsoft Office 365 Signing
Windows Phone Apps Signing
Brew Code Signing
Microsoft Office Document Security
Reissuance Unlimited Unlimited
Refund Policy 30 Days 100% money back 30 Days 100% money back 30 Days 100% money back 30 Days 100% money back
Vendor Price
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Comodo™ Code Signing Certificate
Comodo Code Signing is a certification which authenticates the software code, contents, algorithms, and other digital objects. It basically offers a simple process to the developers to protect the contents from the unauthorized access and validate the important parameters. Furthermore, when you are downloading a software you need to validate it for secure downloading, using the help of Comodo code signing this process becomes easier and simpler. It aware the users about the safety and privacy norms of their computers.

Furthermore, it is even compatible with all types of digital files like .exe, .ocx, .dll, .cab and others.While using Comodo code signing users can experience the benefits of an authenticated source and software integrity. One of the best parts of this certification is it comes at a very pocket-friendly price. Further, it delivers a secure experience to its user which built trust and confidence about the product to them. More Info

Comodo™ EV Code Signing Certificate
Comodo EV Code Signing is an extended validation signing certification which is developed with advanced technology to perfectly resist the unauthorized access and make it a platform with a full proof security system. It even secures the data over the internet from dangerous malware and online hacking. This certification is divided into two parts of security system that is Attentive Research Method, in which its searches and validates the URLs, and other is Two Factor Authentications using which the data, scripts, software codes and other important digital objects get full security and safety from any unauthorized actions. This certification even offers a private key encryption on the external devices and a supportive filter which is compatible with all the latest browsers and operating systems.

Moreover, it is considered one of the ideal solutions in a low-cost budget for the disciplined and aligned process with the latest technology and full-proof authentication system. More Info

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate
Sectigo Code Signing Certificate is one of the leading and most trusted certification. It provides full protection to the codes, software and other digital objects. It delivers the best product to the users so that their experience could be enhanced while using the internet. It has a special digital signature which can protect various content of the client with a single certificate. It is compatible with almost all the renowned platforms like Windows 10, Windows 8, Adobe AIR, Mozilla, Microsoft Authenticode, JAVA and many more.

This certificate is also used in the Android platform, proving itself best by tracking certificate key and other reporting variables all by an automatic process. The Symantec Code Signing Certificate is also excelled in protecting the third party developments along with commercial applications. At last but not least, it offers its services at a much cheaper price than other certification which makes it excel in all the parameters. More Info

Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate
Sectigo EV Code Signing is meant for those who want a comfort and smooth form of security for their code and contents on the internet. One can just sit back and relax, and do their work tension free with the super security front of Thawte Code Signing. It supports all major platforms which are currently present in the market like Windows 10, Windows 8, Adobe AIR, Microsoft office, Microsoft Authenticode, Java, Mozilla, and Microsoft Silverlight. The users of this certification can enjoy the facility of multiple downloading without any type of security warnings on the web pages. It is even built with the compatibility with a mobile phone.

Further, it is considered one of the most prominent & secured security certifications from code signing solutions. It ensures the user about the authentication and publication of the content. More Info

DigiCert™ Code Signing Certificate
DigiCert™ Code Signing is a premium and advanced level security certification for the contents and data. With its highly authenticated platform, it brings trust and confidence in its users. It provides security to all the essential digital objects starting from code to content. This certification also cancels all the unwanted warnings from the downloading front while downloading any type of software and application in a mobile phone or computer. It even supports all types of the operating system and web browsers like Windows 8, Windows 10, Google Chrome, Mozilla etc. Further, it is even compatible with the Hardware Security Modules (HSM).

This signing certification also offers a high validation process with encryption technology. It comes with a feature of easy to install and easy to use making it more convenient and simpler for the users. The best part of the DigiCert Code Signing is, it comes at an affordable price. More Info

DigiCert™ EV Code Signing Certificate
DigiCert™ EV Code Signing offers the cheapest software protection certification platform. This certificate detects the suspicious third part interference and other threats and revokes them before occurring. It is considered one of the easiest platform to get rid of all the malware, and prevent the virus. It further has an ability to provide a detailed security to the contents and the software code. Additionally, it provides a shield of protection on the computer and saves it from any type of unauthorized authentication. It even enables a 100% secured downloading system which could be trusted by the users.

The DigiCert EV Code Signing even offers an enthusiast and an expert support center for the assistance. These are features comes at an affordable price making it more suitable to be used. In an aspect of the current market requirement, it is one of the best certifications for a protected device. More Info utilizes cookies to recall and process the products in shopping cart. We integrate the user's data and site traffic at some points on communications, and it helps us to develop user friendly system on our website. Accept & Close    Understand more about Cookies