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Microsoft Authenticode Signing Certificate Cheap Authenticode Signing Certificate

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Cheap Authenticode Signing Certificate

Microsoft Authenticode Signing Certificates allow you to sign all kinds of Windows executables and code including .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, and .xpi files. When you sign your code using Authenticode Certificates, your users will know that it comes from a trusted source (you) and that it hasn’t been tampered with since you signed it. This means that your users won’t see a warning message stating that the author of the software is unknown. Instead, when a Microsoft Authenticode Digital ID is used, your software will display who published it:

Microsoft Authenticode Signing Certificate secures your all kinds of windows platforms and code including .exe, .dll, .ocx, .cab and .xpi files. Windows developer who are using Authenticode certificates for their software code, their code is secure with digital signing and ensure the customers that your platform and software is secures and it hasn’t been tampered since you signed it. When a signed executable is encountered, a pop-up notification shows the verified identity of the publisher and the user decides whether or not to trust the code.

Authenticode Signing

In Microsoft Windows, signed code has an additional Properties tab that displays information about the signature. The user can see who the application came from and be reminded that the application hasn't been changed since it was signed.

Authenticode Signing

Authenticode Signing Certificate Benefits:

  • Secure your widows code with digital signature
  • Increase Trust for your software and code
  • Increase download ratio of your software
  • Increase revenue for your business
  • Protect your brand

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