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PUBLISH DATE: 17 Oct 2023
This article provides 12 important tips that can help protect you from inadvertently downloading malicious software, viruses, spyware, and other threats when installing programs or opening files on your devices. It advises only downloading software from official, trusted sources, avoiding suspicious email attachments and ads, using antivirus programs and firewalls, keeping systems fully updated, carefully reviewing install prompts, scanning files before opening them, disabling autorun features, recognizing social engineering tactics, and regularly backing up data.
PUBLISH DATE: 05 Sep 2023
A Complete Step-by-Step Guide on How to Install Root and Intermediate Certificates on YubiKey. Adding root and intermediate certificates to your YubiKey is an important step in boosting its security and trustworthiness. In this guide, we'll provide a streamlined walkthrough of the entire certificate installation process using Yubico's ykman command-line tool.
PUBLISH DATE: 22 Aug 2023
Since the CA/B Forum has updated the protocols for issuing code signing certificates, numerous doubts and technical questions have arisen among code signing users. There is still a lack of clarity regarding the process that users need to follow once they have ordered a code signing certificate from certificate authorities (CAs) or trusted re-sellers like and
PUBLISH DATE: 12 Aug 2023
In the intricate realm of software development, code signing plays a pivotal role in ensuring the authenticity and security of applications. However, even the most seasoned developers can find themselves stumped by cryptic error messages. One such enigma is the dreaded "No Profile for Team" error. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of this error and provide a comprehensive guide on how to fix it.
PUBLISH DATE: 08 Jul 2023
We have built a comprehensive tutorial to help Java application developers to sign java .jar files through standard code signing or ev code signing certificates using hardware token. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring the security and integrity of software is paramount. That's where hardware token-based code signing comes into play, empowering developers to safeguard their Java .jar files with an extra layer of protection.
PUBLISH DATE: 24 Jun 2023
In today's digital landscape, where cybersecurity threats loom large, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of software is of paramount importance. Code signing certificates play a pivotal role in establishing trust and safeguarding software from malicious alterations. Among the various methods to enhance code signing security, YubiKey emerges as a reliable and innovative solution.
PUBLISH DATE: 24 Jun 2023
A complete guide with simple instructions to generate a key on a YubiKey token for a code signing certificate. Generating a key on a YubiKey involves using the YubiKey Manager application to configure the key generation settings and perform the actual generation process.
PUBLISH DATE: 27 Apr 2023
In this article, we will give you a complete guide on how to sign your software using the DigiCert Utility tool in a few steps. But before that let’s understand what is DigiCert Utility Tool.
PUBLISH DATE: 11 Apr 2023
As the internet grows more complex, the need for security measures has increased. Code signing certificates are an important digital tool for ensuring the safety of software downloads and web applications. These software security certificates digitally sign code, verifying its authenticity and preventing altering. However, many people are unsure of the cost of code signing certificates.
PUBLISH DATE: 04 Apr 2023
A code signing certificate is a digital software security certificate that is used to sign software code. The purpose of the certificate is to provide assurance to the end user that the code has not been tampered with or modified since it was signed.
PUBLISH DATE: 12 Mar 2023
Exporting a PFX file from a certificate store is a common task when dealing with SSL certificates. However, there are times when you need to convert the PFX file into PVK and SPC files for various purposes. This could include scenarios where you need to sign a code, authenticate a driver or authenticate a file for distribution. Although the process might sound complex, it's relatively easy with the right tools and knowledge.
PUBLISH DATE: 12 Mar 2023
In today's digital age, security is of utmost importance. When transmitting sensitive information over the internet, it's crucial to ensure the data remains secure and confidential. Encryption, which is the process of encrypting information so that only authorised parties may access it, is one approach to this. A PFX file, a PKCS#12 file, is a digital certificate used to encrypt and secure data.
PUBLISH DATE: 12 Feb 2023
When you download software from the internet, you may have encountered the “Unknown Publisher” warning. This warning appears when the software you are installing doesn’t have a digital signature from a trusted certificate authority. This warning can be a red flag for many users, causing them to abandon the installation process altogether.
PUBLISH DATE: 19 Jun 2021
There is no doubt in this fact that Codesign certificate protects software from being tampered and also gives confidence about the app/software that it is maintained by Certificate Authority. You have some document to sign with Codesign certificate in MAC OSX but don’t know how to do it. Here is the guide for you. Now sign your file in MAC OSX in a minute.
PUBLISH DATE: 03 Jun 2021
Microsoft Authenticode Signing Certificate is exclusively created to enable users to know the identity of the developers who have created the code and that, they are the ones running the process. Especially, this works wonders for the verification of the code that is downloaded or running online and to find out that it has not been tampered with after being used.
PUBLISH DATE: 12 May 2021
With the digitalization ramping up in all the business domains across various fields such as health, finance, education, retail, etc, data security and safety have become the most important concern for every user.
PUBLISH DATE: 26 Jan 2021
The expiration of code signing certificates is one of the many challenges that the entire community of software developers faces at several points in their lives. Without a valid code signing certificate, the developers lose their credibility and the software is rendered unsafe and untrustworthy.
PUBLISH DATE: 18 Jan 2021
After you purchase any digital certificate, a certificate signing request (CSR) must be filled in by the applicant and submitted to the issuing certificate authority (CA). For a code signing certificate as well, the developer or the organization must generate a CSR that’ll contain information about the applicant or the applicant’s organization.
PUBLISH DATE: 04 Mar 2020
If you are looking out for the cheapest code signing certificate, then you have certainly landed into the right article. With Sectigo, you can always get the justified costed for your code signing certificate. Here at, the prices are always set lower than anywhere you can ever get your hands on. The prices are always justifiable with authentic certifications
PUBLISH DATE: 25 Jun 2018
As you install a Code Signing Certificate in any of your browser- Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome, you may want it to use in another place. You may want to export the certificate to another computer or take a back up for the same.
PUBLISH DATE: 03 Apr 2018

Are you confused about how code signing certificate works? Code signing is an important way to show that your code is legitimate.

PUBLISH DATE: 23 Jul 2016

A Comodo Code Signing Certificate is organization validated certificates, hence it requires some validation process before it issue to software publishers. It’s indeed requirement that you have to validate yourself that who are you to Certificate Authority in some cases. It’s compulsory to produce some business documents in this validation process.

PUBLISH DATE: 12 Mar 2016
Code signing is a security key and private essential quality that is required in OS X, to certify your app. The properties installed by this code signing is that if you signed in the application once in your system, then the signing certificate should be able to detect the regarding change of the app. This kind of change may occur by malware code or by accidentally. Code signing certificate is basically the form of a digital authentication that justify one’s entry. The code is designed in the manner that it keeps tracking the individual information which is digitally interlinked with that security key.
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