EV Code Signing Vs OV Code Signing Certificate Difference Explained

Digital code signing certificates protect an application from every kind of phishing attack and modifications by external guests. Software developers use code sign certificate to sign their files, applications, and drivers, etc securely so that customer knows that your application/software is secure and cannot be tampered easily by anyone. When software developers go for a code sign certificate, they have two options to choose from: standard OV (Organization Validation) CodeSign Certificate and EV (Extended Validation) CodeSign Certificate.


What is an EV Code Sign certificate?

EV code sign certificate is just another type of code sign certificate that provides a higher level of security including more rigorous vetting of the customer who wants to buy this product. Moreover, in this type of certificate private keys are stored in a token externally to prevent them from any unauthorized hands. That’s the only big difference between standard and extended validation code sign certificate.

CA/B Forum has also set some guidelines on how all CA’s will issue these two code sign certificate types like EV code sign requires intensive verification before issuing certificate to website/software. And another one is that it cannot be issued to an individual, although the sole proprietor can apply for the same certificate. If someone already has a standard code sign certificate, they automatically get qualified for EV code signing certificate, and then we can skip few steps in the verification process.


Difference between EV Code Signing and OV Code Signing Certificate

OV Code Signing Certificate

EV Code Signing Certificate

Issuance of certificates usually takes 1-3 days.

Issuance of certificates usually takes 1-5 days

With an OV code sign certificate, one can sign drivers preceding Windows 10 versions.

You can use this certificate to sign Windows 10 Kernel Mode drivers.

It is stored in the customer’s system as a portable encrypted file that can be easily copied to another system and can be used also for document signing.

It gives two-way authentication, which means the customer must have a USB token (device) with an encrypted token with a private key for signing any document.

It builds the reputation naturally once files are downloaded. So instant recognition in the Microsoft SmartScreen reputation scanner is not possible.

If a document is signed by EV code sign certificate then the customer won’t see this message: ‘The publisher could not be verified. Or ‘Are you sure you want to run this software?’ It means it gives immediate recognition with the Microsoft SmartScreen reputation scanner.



Both types of certificates are worth buying, OV is good for the software testing phase as it will help you to know how good it is working with users. Depending upon the usage and download capacity, it will take time to build its reputation.

On other hand, an EV code signing certificate is always advisable as it will enhance your conversions. Getting instant trust, while paying a small price is not a bad offer.

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