How do I export my Code Signing Certificate from Safari?

Once the validation is finished, the issuing Certificate Authority (CA) will send the certificate via email to the certificate requester. Using Internet Explorer or Chrome or Safari, as your browser and the same PC which generated the order, follow the “pick-up” or “collection” link in the email and initiate the downloading process. The in-browser script will automatically pull the previously stored private key from the browser’s file system and install it in your Certificate Manager folder.

Now, to receive the actual certificate, you must export the certificate and private key and save it to your PC/desktop as a PFX (.p12) file. Follow the detailed instructions below to navigate through the export process in Safari

Safari: Exporting Your Code Signing Certificate as a P12 File

If you used Safari to install your Code Signing Certificate, the certificate should be located in the login keychain.

  1. Open Keychain Access.
    In the Finder window, under Favorites, click Applications, click Utilities, and then double-click Keychain Access.

Mac - Finder


  1. In the Keychain Access window, under Keychains, click login, under Category, click Certificates, and then, select your code signing certificate and the CA Authority Intermediate Certificate (i.e. CA Authority SHA2 Assured ID Code Signing CA).
    Note: Select the intermediate certificate that you installed to remove the “This certificate was signed by an unknown authority” warning message. See Removing the “This certificate was signed by an unknown authority” Warning Message.

(Instead of this image, you can put your company’s image)

Mac - Keychain Access


  1. In the Keychain Access toolbar, click File > Export Items.

Mac - Keychain Access


  1. In the “Export” window, do the following:
  • In the File Format drop-down list select Personal information Exchange (.p12).
    Note: A .p12 file uses the same format as a .pfx or PKCS12 file.
  • In the Save As box, click the down arrow and go to where you want to save your code signing certificate (w/private key) .p12 file.
    Make sure to save the .p12 file in a location that you will remember and to which you have permissions.
  • Name the certificate .p12 file (i.e. myCodeSigningCertificate) and click Save.

Mac - Export certificate


  1. In the “Password” window, in the Password and Verify boxes, create and verify your password and then, click OK..

Mac - Export password


  1. In the “Export Key” window, in the Password box, enter your login keychain password so that the keychain can export the private key with the code signing certificate and then, click Allow.

Mac - Export password


Your code signing certificate should now be available in the destination directory you selected as a .p12 file. For code signing instructions, please see our Code Signing Support & Tutorial page

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