Work From Home During Corona Outbreak - Benefits, Challenges, And Solutions

The corona or COVID-19 virus is spreading all over the world, so as the trend of mandatory remote work rolled out by companies around the globe. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have also advised working remotely. From tech giants like Google, Microsoft, to big social networking companies like Facebook, Twitter to small startups, all of them are making sure that none of the employees are out in the office. For most of us, it is a new reality.

So, how are you coping with the ‘home-as-office’ concept? Answers may differ from person to person. But it doesn’t matter since we have to make sure that we stay safe from the COVID-19 pandemic, no matter what happens.

The Benefits Of Work From Home

Yes, nowadays work from home means avoiding the chances of affecting corona. But is that it? No, not at all. Work from home in the future of work. Let’s see the positive side of work from home.

More Productivity

When employees are given the option of telecommuting, they are getting a change from their boring traditional office environment. No more gossips and distractions. You can select your own working hours. That means more efficiency. It is true that there is a chance that we will take an extra break while working from home. But do you know that taking extra breaks actually leads to higher rates? Yes, according to Forbes it will result in more efficiency.

Health- Mental and Physical

Ever dreamed about getting out of a toxic stressful office environment? Taking up a new diet? This is the right time for it. At home, we can just retain more in the day and spend that personal mental and physical well-being.

Family Time

Family time is a happy time. In this corona quarantine time try to spend more quality time with your family. Play games, talk, eat together. Get back to everything that you missed in your busy cooperate job schedules.


In between your daily work and loved ones, spend some time for yourself. Learn something new, try out new software or application, acquire a new skill, watch your favorite movies, start a hobby, anything. Anything that makes you happy.

Improving Communications Skills

Since you have to telecommute all the time, use that efficiently and become a communications expert.

Negatives of Work From Home

Working from home is a good option, but not for all. There are many problems that workers have to face while remotely working.

Communication Issues

Lack of effective communication can affect your productivity. There is a possibility that you couldn’t attend team meetings or could understand the idea behind it. This leads to making decisions without you. Resulting in a bad effect on your career.

Connectivity Issues

One of the most common problems with remote working is the absence of a stable and fast internet connection. Especially when the whole country is in lockdown to escape from the corona or COVID-19 outbreak, the internet traffic will be high because of the increased usage.

Loneliness and related Problems

Working in isolation can be lonely for some employees. When it combines with the fear of widely spreading coronavirus, it will affect them mentally, which could result in mental stress or depression.

Security Risks

As the number of work from home increased during the corona pandemic, the security risks associated with it also increased. There are chances that for work or entertainment purposes, the people will start browsing, downloading or installing software or applications from the internet. This is a perfect opening for hackers or attackers. They are sending password-stealing messages and malicious software under the mask of coronavirus-related apps, alerts or warnings. One of the best ways to avoid downloading of compromised software/application is to look for a code-signed certificate in it. This certificate can assure you that the software/application is not tampered, thus providing trusted assurance of authentication.

What Can We Do to Work from Home Safely And In The Right Way?

Here we are providing some tips to work from home in a better, efficient way.

  • Adopt a professional-personal life balance.
  • Take sufficient breaks.
  • Tryout new communication tools whenever you are interacting with a colleague or your boss.
  • In case of bad connectivity always have a backup plan. For example, use a mobile hotspot device or a cell phone plan that allows tethering.
  • If you feel isolated, talk to a friend if needed opt for medical care.
  • Ensure that you have downloaded antivirus and other security measures in your system.

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