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Internet is being accessed almost by everyone in today’s world and is increasing rapidly. The Internet user’s need safety and security while browsing websites and need assurance that they can trust the websites and related downloads. Most website and software’s include code signing certificates for assurance and safety purpose and DigiCert Code Signing Certificate is one such reliable one for your software.

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Digicert Code Signing Certificate

Digicert Code Signing Certificate

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Digicert Code Signing Certificate

Digicert Code Signing Certificate

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Digicert Code Signing Certificate

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A code signing certificate is basically a file that contains a digital signature. The digital signature can be used to sign scripts or programs to verify the identity of the developer and to assure the user that the code is not being altered or

by third party since it is signed. This will greatly help users to understand whether to trust the software or not.

You can sign various kinds of codes. The windows application codes that can be signed are more likely .exe file, .cab file, .dll file and .xpi files. Other applications like Apple applications is signed by using Apple code signing certificates, .jar files are signed through Java code signing certificate , Microsoft office VBA object and macros signed using VBA code signing certificates, windows vista drivers and other kernel mode software can be digitally signed. DigiCert certificate authority is the trusted one to sign your software’s digitally

Benefits of DigiCert Code Signing certificate

The Code signing digital certificate is highly recommended for software publishers, here are some of its features:

Safe and Secure
Signing the software of the code will improve user trust and also confidence. The code signing certificate set out a direct message to the user that the software is being signed and is protected by third party authority, it is also protected against all viruses, online hackers and thefts.

Grow your online Brand
Digicert uses latest technologies to provide 100% security to your software or code. We make easy download process which requires few step for installing. This will allow to increase your online brand.

Authenticity of software
Once the software is downloaded and ready to use, the user can be of utmost sure that the program they download came from trusted developers, which will help the IT organizations to preserve the services and other properties. Digicert allows users to authenticate the digitally signed code, and can easily contact for any issues and queries.

Supports all applications
The DigiCert code signing certificate is compatible with almost all applications such as Microsoft Authentication, .jar file, MS office Macro, VBA, Mozilla objects and many more.

The DigiCert code signing certificate is easy to use. Easily use them with vendor software tools that are mostly used by developers to develop products, macros and objects.
DigiCert is one of the most trusted names in web security solution according to the W3Techs recent survey. The software code is signed by popular and successful security industry. DigiCert is another premium name for security of program or software. the users a recourse to the individual who originally published it.

Features of DigiCert code signing Certificate

The Code signing digital certificate is highly recommended for software publishers, here are some of its features

  • Signing web application or software will directly impact on trust and confidence of the user
  • It will allow more users to download the software
  • Protects your software from suspicious third party access
  • Prevents viruses and malicious code being installed in the software code
  • The DigiCert code signing certificate will protect the integrity of the software developer
  • The DigiCert code signing certificate is compatible across all platforms

Steps to Sign Code in DigiCert

There are three steps to sign code in short span. The process of signing the code through Digicert is very simple and can easily be understood by both technical and non-technical person. The three methods that DigiCert follows to sign the certificate digitally are listed below

Method one:

As per the operating system you need to buy a code signing certificate from a vendor, later download a code signing engine.

Method Two:

Now select the software you want to sign and sign it using certificate token. Listed down are some of the types of codes and components that should be signed by a code signing certificate.

  • Freeware
  • Middleware
  • Shareware
  • Web Applications
  • Operating systems
  • Utility software and many others

Method three:

Now your software is ready, your program is signed by the DigiCert a third party Certificate Authority. The program includes all your organizational information and user can now trust on the software.

DigiCert Offers Enterprise Level Services

Listed below are some of the Enterprise Level services that DigiCert offers

  • Code Signing Certificates
  • EV code Signing Certificates
  • Private PKI
  • IoT Security
  • Enterprise SSL certificates
  • Certificate Management Platforms
  • Client
  • Dedicated intermediates

Powerful Security tools

DigiCert includes various powerful security tools. These tools meet all standards of industries. Latest protocol versions and ciphers are used in SSL certificates. They are only available with RSA or ECC encryption of 256 symmetric keys and with 2048 bit signature key.

Digicert Code Signing Certificate Supports below all major platforms:

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Excellent service

I received very good support when I contacted CodeSignCert. The minor problems I had were solved and the support representative really made sure everything worked. The price for the certificate seems similar with different companies, so why pay $15 more

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Always the BEST customer service

Very easy Completion Process. Great service, thank you.

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Great support

Simple to follow. Well explained. Great price. Really a great experience, above all for customers support.

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