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Azure Key Vault Code Signing delivers robust digital security to secure your software on Azure cloud services powered by Microsoft. It allows software developers to digitally encrypt software code, scripts, and content to build substantial trust and integrity.

It confirms the software’s source is genuine and authenticated with Azure Key Vault digital code signing. The software or application hasn’t been modified since it was signed. As a result, the software is safe and trusted to download.

Azure Key Vault utilizes the latest FIPS 140 Level 2 and Level 3 HSMs to build an encrypted shield for private keys. It provides enhanced protection using an effective hardware security module for the certificates and private keys. By installing Azure Key Vault Code Signing, you can streamline the code signing process and administration of multiple private keys and certificates in a centralized system.

Premium Features and Advantages of Azure Key Vault Code Signing Certificate

Established Trust and Integrity

Azure code signing certificates help establish trust and integrity of software for end users by verifying the identity of publishers.

Streamlined Code Signing Process

With integrated Key Vault capabilities, Azure offers a seamless certificate management and signing experience right in the build pipeline.

Cloud-Based Security

Private keys for the certificates are secured in Azure Key Vault hardware security modules to ensure compliance and security.

Flexible Options

Azure offers flexible remediation and renewal options for certificates to maximize reliability and minimize disruptions.

Works With Microsoft Stores

Sign code using certificates trusted for publishing apps and add-ins in Microsoft commercial marketplace stores.

Azure Code Signing Certificate Prerequisite/Requirements

Evolving Platform Alignment

Modern Windows versions natively recognize Azure Code Signing claims for smoother app installation. Both Windows 11 and Windows 10 releases - including 22H2 and 21H2 - contain embedded support for validating Azure-certified code automatically.

Safeguarding Software Legitimacy on Microsoft Azure

Verifying software credibility is pivotal for maintaining application security on Windows operating systems. Microsoft's Azure Code Signing provides digital encryption for software interaction between developers and end users.

Authenticating Software Origins

It certifies that executable files, scripts, drivers, and other program components truly originate from the claimed publisher. The authentication instills user confidence regarding the integrity of downloaded software.

Adapting to Trust Standards

As it becomes the trusted norm for Windows app verification, third-party security tools must integrate compatibility. Anti-malware providers like Sophos now embrace Azure Code Sign to sustain visibility of legitimate software changes.

Staying Up-to-Date

Presently, conformity with Microsoft's Azure Code Signing is obligatory for essentially all new Windows software products and updates. Maintaining this modern trust standard remains essential for developers distributing programs to Windows users.

Azure Code Signing 21H2: What It is?

Azure Code Signing 21H2 refers to the Code Signing policies introduced and enforced in Windows 10 version 21H2 in late 2021 to authenticate legitimate software on 21H2 devices using Microsoft Azure. utilizes cookies to recall and process the products in shopping cart. We integrate the user's data and site traffic at some points on communications, and it helps us to develop user friendly system on our website. Accept & Close    Understand more about Cookies