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Cheap Comodo Code Signing Comodo Code Signing

A Cheap Comodo Code Signing Certificate is the digital signature algorithm, who verifies software codes, scripts, contents and other necessary digital objects to make sure they secured before they publish on a web for users. While downloading software, a Code Signing helps users to take the right decision that they are going to have secure software, which has been already verified by a digital signature algorithm. It encourages users about the safety of their computers that they are downloading secure code, which hasn't been modified since it signed by a code signing certificate.

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As per the latest Certificate Authority survey from W3Tech, COMODO is the most trusted and the most popular Certificate Authority, which has the market share of 40.3%. A Comodo Code Signing Certificate has been growing rapidly as the trusted solution, which is available in SSL industry for the cheapest price. It is available in two signature algorithm such as 32bit and 64 bit. It's fully compatible with end-to-end software protection and software publisher or developer can be signed below types of digital files;

  • .exe
  • .ocx
  • .dll
  • .cab
  • others

What is Cheap Code Signing?

It's complex digital signature algorithm, which contains two types signature such as 32 Bit and 64 bit to encrypt software digital files and objects. It plays the major role for software publishers and software developers because it helps to retain user's trust and confidence in software code and contents while they download them on a web. Microsoft Authentication technology comes with Digital IDs that includes with Comodo Code Signing Certificate to deliver the confidence to users while downloading software or code on the Internet.

Offering secure software signed by a Code Signing Certificate, the software publishers, and web developers will have an ample amount of benefits such as;

Authenticated Source: Being verified software by code signing that user will be satisfied in a case of online security while transmitting software code from the Internet.

Software Integrity: It reassures a user that software code hasn't been revamped since it was fully signed by Certificate Authority COMODO.

A Code Signing is a kind of bridge between software developers and users to frame the trusted relationship, which eventually includes ActiveXT controls and other digitally signed software files. It builds the strongest relationship of trust and confidence in users while browsing through a web page for software.

A Comodo Code Signing Certificate is the most competitive product within the code signing industry because it's comparatively low price certificate. It contains the premium layers of security, which are incredibly higher than other certificates. It's all in one security solution for major software files such as code, content, scripts, firmware images, objects, configuration files, anti-virus updates, macros, and device drivers.

How Does the Code Signing works?

It's a simple process that needs to be followed by a software publisher or developer. It requires a pair of private key and public key while requesting a code signing certificate. A Certificate Authority will issue a certificate, which will incorporate a public key. The entire process works on the combination of a private key and a public key that only the software developer or publisher knows. Both are required for validation such as a private key for digital signature and a public for authentication.

What Compatibility Does Comodo Code Signing Has?

Code Signing Certificates for Windows 8 Window 8

Code Signing Certificates for Windows 10    Window 10

Code Signing for Microsoft Authenticode    Microsoft Authenticode - ALL versions of Windows Code Sign any Microsoft format (32 and 64 bit) EXE, DLL, OCX, MSI, CAB.

Code Signing for Adobe AIR    Adobe AIR Code Sign any Adobe AIR application.

Code Signing for Java    Java Code Sign any JAR applet

Code Signing for Microsoft Office    Microsoft Office Code Sign any MS Office Macro or VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) file.

icon    Mozilla Code Sign any Mozilla Object file.

Code Signing for Silverlight    Microsoft Silverlight Sign any Microsoft Silverlight application  or XAF file

Code Signing for Drivers    Driver Signing Sign ANY Windows Driver -- no extra cost.

Key Benefits of Comodo Code Signing Certificate

  • User Trust & Confidence

    It gives user a secure experience about the integrity of software code and content and it has not been modified since it signed by the digital signature technology.
  • Industry Standard Technology

    It won't allow users to download software code or content without verification of Digital ID and signature from a authenticate Certificate Authority (CA).
  • Ease to Deploy

    It can easily sign to protect various elements of software such as firmware images, objects, configuration files, virus updates macros, and device drivers.
  • Authentication

    Once user complete the process of downloading then users can be assured their self that code or scripts came from digital certified software publisher or developer. It will improve software vendor or publisher online reputation and it will also improve number of downloads on the Internet.
  • Ensure digital signature for Microsoft™ 32-bit/64-bit.exe, .ocx, .dll, .cab files and kernel mode software.
  • Protect instantly Java™, Microsoft™ VBA, Microsoft™ Office Documents & other Software.
  • Trigger digital signature for all major Desktop Platforms such as Microsoft Authenticode, Adobe, & Brew.
  • An incredible rate of 24/7 hours experts support to ensure code signing digital security certificate issuance.
  • Deliver 100% assurance of your active code and content security with unlimited digital signature with a valid digital code signing security certificate.

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