What is required for Comodo CodeSigning Validation?

CodeSignCert will help to get authenticate easily and quickly.

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Authenticode™ is a technology developed by Microsoft that, according to them:

COMODO CODE SIGNING CERTIFICATE is available in two types of validation phase, where user needs to decide whether he wants to go with Organization Validation Certificate or Individual Validation Certificate. CodeSignCert.com is bound about the best customer experience while buying or renewing their existing COMODO CODE SIGNING CERTIFICATE and that’s why we have briefly research on this code signing certificate validation and make them easy for issuance process.

If you are not clarify with code signing validation then our below individual research for both type of code signing certificate will help you to get authentication your organization or individual details in just few hours. Let’s take view on this both kind of research.

Validation Process for Organization Validated (OV) Code Signing Certificate

Authenticode (Code Signing) is not a guarantee that the software that has been digitally signed is bug free or even virus/malware free. All a digital signature says is “this file has not been modified since it was signed by the publisher”. Having said that it is worth noting that obtaining a code signing certificate is not free and that companies or individuals that apply for a code signing certificate do have to pay a fee and do have to prove their identity to the company that issues the certificate.

Who can get a Code Signing Certificate?

PHASE 1: Authenticate your identity and address – This can be done easily by using the below online resource and details.
If are you belongs to any an Organization (corporation, government agency, registered business entity, etc.) then it is mandatory to have any one document from the below list of documents to get authenticate your organization.

  • A government agency in the jurisdiction of the Applicant’s legal creation, existence, or recognition;
  • A third party database that is periodically updated and considered a Reliable Data Source (see QIIS below);
  • A site visit by the CA or a third party who is acting as an agent for the CA; or
  • An Attestation Letter.

QIIS (Qualified Independent Information Source)

  • www.dnb.com
  • www.hoovers.com
  • http://www.companieshouse.gov.uk/

    Additionally, we may use below enlisted sources to verify ADDRESS provided that identity has been authenticated as required above:

  • Articles of Incorporation (with address)
  • Government Issued Business License (with address)
  • Copy of a recent company bank statement (you may blacken out the Account Number)
  • Copy of a recent company phone bill
  • Copy of a recent major utility bill of the company (i.e. power bill, water bill, etc.) or current lease agreement for the company

Validation Process for Individual Code Signing Certificate

In case, if you are buying code signing certificate for yourself, then there is validation process for Individual Code Signing Certificate and it could be done as per below flow quickly and easily. Below are the lists of documents that individual code signing certificate buyer has to represent to validate their identity;
A. Copy of a valid driver's license or passport of the Applicant
B. Copy of a recent major utility bill (i.e. power bill, water bill, etc.) or bank statement of the Applicant
Note: If the Driver’s License and Passport is not listing any address details or those details do not match with the account, then we need A. and 2 docs from B.
Note: Recent=dated within the last 6 months

PHASE 2: Authentication Process of WhoIs Details such registrant company name and address.
PHASE 3: DCV (Domain Control Validation)
PHASE 4: Callback to a Verified Telephone Number (to verify applicant)
We may use below source to verify Phone Number;

  • Government database (QGIS)
  • Other third party database (QIIS)
  • Verified legal opinion or accountant letter.

Once the phone verification will be completed by COMODO verification staff, then COMODO staffs will you to complete authentication of the certificate request. Following successful completion of the elements above the certificate will be signed and released.


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