Window Code Signing Certificate

With the increasing threats to privacy and system intrusion, it has become really difficult on the part of the customers to know if they are downloading or buying a genuine, risk-free product from the Internet. But one can be assured of the genuineness of the product if one looks for its code signed certificate before downloading the product. So, what is code signing, how does one get a code signing certification and how does it help to provide your system a protection from any malware? All these and many other questions have been answered below.

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Secure Window OS & Software Code with Digital Signature

Windows code signing certificate can secure your all types of widows based application code & software with digital signature, means your users can get the security and trusted message when they come to your platforms to download your application or software.

Windows Code Signing secures your all kinds of windows platforms and code including .exe, .dll, .ocx, .cab and .xpi files. Windows developer who are using window certificates for their software code, their code is secure with digital signing and ensure the customers that your platform and software is secures and it hasn’t been tampered since you signed it. When a signed executable is encountered, a pop-up notification shows the verified identity of the publisher and the user decides whether or not to trust the code.

Once you install the Kernel-Mode signing certificate the users will know that it comes from a trusted source (you) and Windows Vista and Windows 7 will inherently trust it.

Window Code Signing

What is code signing?

Going by the nomenclature, code signing is simply the process of signing the code you create before you publish it on the Internet. The sign adds immense value to your product as it not only protects it from the luring threats of malware all over the Internet, but also protects it from being altered or hampered by any other anonymous person on the Internet.

What is a code signing certificate?

To implement the process of code signing, the author needs to buy and attach a code signing certificate with his/her product. The code signing certificate has the digital signatures of the author on it, which can be used to trace the identity of the author.

Who needs a code signing digital ID?

A code signing digital ID is needed by one who wants to publish or distribute one’s code or script over the Internet.

Key Benefits of Window Code Signing Certificate

Following are some of the benefits cum features of a Code Signing ID:

  • Provides assurance to the customers
    A digitally signed certificate acts as a stamp that the code or the script is a genuine product and that it hasn’t been modified by anyone else so as to harm your system. That builds confidence on the part of the customer to buy the product.
  • Authentication of the Author
    The Code Signing ID provides with the information of the author of the script from his digital signature.
  • Has become an Industry-standard
    In order to provide a secure and harmless environment, many operating systems don’t allow the download of a product unless it has been certified from a trusted and known certification authority.
  • Easy Usage
    The code signing certificates can be used with the tools used for creating macros and software products, thereby providing ease of use to the customers.
  • A single Code Signing ID for many platforms-
    Windows 10, Windows 8, Adobe AIR, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Authenticate, Java, Mozilla and Microsoft Silverlight.

How does Window Code Sign work?

One of the types of code signing is the Window Code Signing. It provides the protection to all the applications and codes on the Windows platform. That can be known when you install a signed script, a pop-up window appears showing the verifiable identity of the publisher.

Benefits of a Window Code Signing Certificate

All of your codes and applications on the Windows platform are completely secured

A Windows Code Signing Certificate will establish trust in the eyes of the customers about the genuineness of your products

The established trust will increase the no of downloads from your website, which in turn will be a boost to your revenue

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