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A Code signing certificate is basically a simple, inexpensive and a soft digital file which consists of a digital signature technology to sign a software code, script and content to authenticate the identity of a developer or a publisher. It also does the job of verifying a software code that had not been modified or tampered with since it was signed by the digital code signing signature. The purpose of the digital code is to provide the users with a symbol of confidence and trust while downloading the software on the internet.

When a digital signature is created, a timestamp is also recorded with it. The time-stamping feature makes sure that the digitally signed code remains valid even after the digital Code Signing Certificate expires. You do not need to apply for a new signature unless you are adding additional code and are making changes to the existing code.

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Comodo Code Signing

Comodo Code Signing

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Comodo EV Code signing

Comodo EV Code Signing

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Sectigo Code Signing

Sectigo Code Signing

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Sectigo EV Code signing

Sectigo EV Code Signing

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DigiCert Code Signing

DigiCert Code Signing

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Digicert EV CodeSignin

DigiCert EV Code Signing

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Why Purchase Code Signing Certificate?

When you are purchasing a code signing certificate, you will see that Code Signing Certificate offers most competitive prices among the major brands out there. Just like any other product, compare the features of the certificates with other brands for the crucial elements. Code Signing Digital Certificate used a two key verification mechanism such as a public key and a private key to sign the codes and content of the software. This method protects the user’s information on the internet. A code signing certificate must be signed by a valid certificate authority so that the user’s operating system recognizes the signature as a genuine identity on the internet. A user would need to generate the public/private key pair and the authority would issue the other to unlock its features.

Benefits and Features If Code Signing Certificates:

  • Authenticity- After downloading the certificates, users can be assured that the key really came from you and you can preserve your intellectual property and your business reputation
  • Customer confidence- These certificates assure customers that you are reliable enough to do business with
  • Ease of use- They are easy to use along with the vendor’s software tools that developers use to create macros, objects, and products
  • Widely supported- Code Signing Certificates are compatible with all the major formats like Authenticode, Microsoft, Apple applications and plug-ins, Adobe Air, MS Office, Java, Mozilla object files and Silverlight applications.
  • Inexpensive- Our certificates are relatively cheap compared to other brands with the same features in the market
  • Seamless integration- With our industry-standard technology, we ensure that browsers accept all action commands from the downloaded code signed by a trusted certificate.

Where Are Code Signing Certificates Used?

Code signing is used in any place the developer wants to verify the authenticity of the source of the software. This includes:

  • Windows applications and software patch
  • Microsoft Office macros and VBA objects
  • .jar file
  • .air or .airi files
  • Apple software
  • Any executable

What Are The Strengths of Code Signing Certificate?

  • Identification- Code signing ensures the identity of the developer of the software
  • Confirmation- Double checks the software to make sure that it has not been degraded or corrupted
  • Comparison- Compares the user-generated hash against the developer-generated value aka checks for authenticity

In addition to the answerability issue, users have resources against the publisher within the event the software code performs a malicious activity on their computers, each of that act to reduce the danger of damaging code. Comodo Code Signing Digital Certificate supports Developers and net Masters to build trustworthy relationships with their users. It comprises ActiveXT controls and alternative signed executables to make attention-grabbing website pages.

What Does Code Signing Certificate Prove?

The two main purposes of code signing are to verify the content source and content integrity. Sometimes when software is downloaded from the internet, browsers will display a warning message stating possible dangers of downloading it. Code signing removes the title of “unknown publisher” and correctly identifies the publisher’s name, thereby making it safe. It also ensures that a piece of the software has not been damaged or tampered with because the digital signature will appear invalid or distrusted in such cases. Using code signing, users can “brand” their software and protect it from unwanted changes. The users of the software are assured that the source and authenticity of the same is genuine and will not cause any harm to the browser

However, code signing is only really as good as a user’s judgment. It is up to the user whether or not to install a software available on the web.

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