OV Code Signing Certificates

OV Code Signing Certificates are the true testimonies of the developers’ authenticity and reliability. Since you are here, you very well know that code signing permits you to sign a piece of software. Organization validated code signing certificates allow the browsers and the website visitors to view the creator of the software and check with the code authenticity and safety from hackers.

OV code signing certificate is one kind of software digital signing certificate required by your organization or a company to prove its legitimacy and that whether it operates in good faith or not in its registered location.

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Features and Benefits of OV Code Signing Certificates

The below features and benefits exist in all the OV Code signing certificates 

Worldwide Reputed Certified Authorities

All our code signing certificates that you see come from the well-reputed and trusted certified authorities located across the world. Any major or popular company you name is most likely the client of these CAs. A brand name tagged along with your website shall be a proud moment to show off.

Profitable Business Collaborations

In case if you think your product creates valuable partnerships like reselling, affiliate marketing, etc., that boosts your sales, you need a previous OV code signing certificate. It should already be secured by an OV code signing certificate issued by a worldwide reputed and trusted CA. So remain a step ahead of your competitors by availing this feature.

High-End Security to The End-users

Your end-users have all the liberty to verify your identity and authenticity before downloading any kind of stuff. However, digital signatures play a crucial role by acting as a seal over your code. Once the seal is broken, the users get notifications. Hence, your software remains protected against malware and malicious code.

Quality Branding Strategy

The additional security and reducing warning messages keeps your end-users well-noticed of your protection commitment. This reflects on your brand and also via word of mouth.

Very Limited Warning Messages

The app comes with a lock to ensure protection. With any one of those code signing certificates, you will reduce the chances of popping up warning messages and hence also helps your install rates.

How Does OV Code Signing Certificate Work?

OV Code Signing Certificate validation process involves four main steps. Unlike individual validation, the OV code sign certificate need not vary between different CAs. 

Organisation Authentication

The certified authority (CA) makes an effort to verify the legitimacy of your organization and check whether the legal entity is active in its registered location. If your records are clear and up to date, you will have no problem. Your registration information must be accurate in terms of trade name. Or else your official website in your municipality, state, or country displaying your business entity registration status can also be verified by the CA. If both do not work there are other methods like submitting official registration docs, dun, and Bradstreet and legal option letter.

Presence of Locality

After verifying your legal entity, the CA will need to ensure that the legal entity has a physical presence. You do not need to submit the actual street address, etc. All you need is just the locality of the address. They can also verify the information by checking at the Online Government Database and will match up against the details you have provided at the outset of the process. 

Telephone Verification

A very straightforward method wherein you must ensure to have an active, listed telephone number that is associated with your organization. To ensure the process goes smoothly, CA makes sure that you have an active number listed. The listing in the telephone directory must be the same as the information you have submitted.

Final Verification Call

The final requirement is perhaps the simplest and the most crucial. The CA will call you or the specified applicant in order to confirm the order details. To finalize the OV and issue your certificate, CA will require to speak with you or with the specified applicant using your organization’s verified telephone number. All you need is just to be available and the call will last for not more than five minutes. 

The other optional methods are Extension or IVR wherein if your phone system has extensions or uses Interactive Voice Response, the CA will work through the system get connected with you. Another option is Transfer or Alternative number wherein instead of having an extension or IVR, CA can also have the operator transfer them or provide them with your direct number. 

Issuing Certificate

When you answer their questions without any hesitation and with absolute clarity, you are sure to fulfill all their final requirements.

And finally, all that remains is the CA issuing your OV Code Signing Certificate. Once approved, the private key is issue to the applicant. He can further store it on his system just like the key of any SSL certificate is preserved. 

The List of Code Signing Certificate Supports below all major platforms:

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