Comodo Individual Code Signing Certificate

Being an individual programmer, are you someone who loves to call himself a ‘lone-wolf’. On such instances, in order to prove your in front of your users, all you need is a Comodo Individual Code Signing Certificate. It’s time to turn the table around and leverage your certificate to win trust from your users.

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Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Comodo Code Signing Certificate

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Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Comodo Code Signing Certificate

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Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Comodo Code Signing Certificate

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Increase your Software Downloads

Increase your Software Downloads

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Decrease Window Warnings

Decrease Window Warnings


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Individual Code Signing Certificate

Like the regular code signing certificate for businesses and organizations, an individual code signing certificate is just the same thing. Using the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), you can easily sign executables and scripts for the individual code signing certificate. In a nutshell, there is no difference between the signing certificates; it’s just where the verification lies within, be it a company or an individual.

Advantages of Using Comodo Code Signing Certificate

1) Cross-Platform Support

Using the comodo Individual Code Signing Certificate, you can get compatibility in the following platforms: 

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Microsoft Authenticode
  • Java
  • Adobe AIR
  • Mozilla
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Silverlight


2) Safeguarding Software Code

With the help of the Comodo Individual Code Signing Certificate, you can protect your software’s code with hash. While getting your code signed digitally, a unique hash is generated for your software. The software is only safe to use if the customer’s browser can re-hash the same hash. 

3) Verified Publisher’s Identity

Once you get your certificate right, you get the privilege to showcase your identity has a publisher to the entire world, welcoming better opportunities in the foreseeable future. 

4) Say no to Pesky Browser Warnings

Those annoying browser warnings are the reason you are getting fewer downloads than you had anticipated. With your authentication certificate, you can show your Genuity, so that users won’t be hesitant anymore to download your software. 

Documentation Required to Validate Code Signing Certificate

Getting your code verified has never been easier before. Listed below are some of the things that are required before issuance of your code signing certificate.

  • Your legal existence as an individual upon whom the certificate shall be verified.
  • An e-mail id where the certificate shall be sent
  • A call back number, for the authorization of the individual.

Comodo Code Signing Certificate Supports below all major platforms:

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