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Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate Comodo Code Signing

Let’s Incorporate Your Business Name with EV Code Signing

Comodo Extended Validation or EV Code Signing Certificate promotes the modern mechanism which holds the robust technology to confirm the integrity of software code and other digital assets.

EV Code Signing Certificate carries the perfect process with a high resistance level to analyze the organization or software publisher scale for authentication. It is end-to-end encryption solution for your software security from man-in-middle attack, unauthorized access, scary malware, and online hacking.

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Comodo Code Signing Certificate with Extended Validation brings additional layers of software security like a disciplined process and next-generation two-factor authentication.

Per recent analysis and survey report by W3tech, COMODO is one of the trusted and the leading Certificate Authority in Comodo EV Code Signing Security Certificate.

Let’s take insights of these two major layers of security in the EV Code Signing Certificate.

Attentive Research Method – It is the binding protocol with an EV Code Signing Certificate that pushes the software firm or publisher to prove the identity as per the crucial norms of the CA/Browser forum and Microsoft.

Two Factor Authentications – It is the modern methodology in the encryption world where Private Key used to keep on external hardware token and it is prerequisite to sign software code, scripts and other crucial digital objects. It revokes un-authorized personnel to export the certificate from the machine and helps online software provider to be more safe and secure.

Having software without digital signature will display warning messages in the major browsers and operating systems while installing it. Thanks to EV Code Signing Certificate which will remove scary browsers warning messages. It will incorporate the layer of trust and ensure better security on Microsoft's SmartScreen Application Reputation filter.

How Comodo EV Code Signing Work

The Premium Features and Benefits of Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificate

  • The modern protocols to evaluate the software publisher online identity with Extended Validation structure as per the newly introduced CA/Browser Forum standards and exclusive Microsoft Policy.
  • Easy to manage and it builds the bridge quickly to instill the pillars of trust and reputation in Microsoft’s SmartScreen Application Reputation filter in Windows 8/8.1/10 and Internet Explorer/Edge.
  • It is an ideal solution as per the latest technology where the need of physical token is indeed to sign digital code and it helps to revoke certificate abuse and support online firms to build the online trust.
  • Highly compatible in all major 32bit/64bit formats, including Microsoft Authenticode ( user mode files (.exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi, and .xap) and kernel-mode software), Adobe Air, Apple applications and plug-ins, Java, MS Office Macro and VBA, Mozilla object files and Microsoft Silverlight applications.

What are the key differences between EV Code Signing & Normal Code Signing Certificate?

Certainly, we heard this common question from many of EV Code Signing Certificate and we assume that the question is more potential to be answered. Let’s get into this crucial difference to reveal the better knowledge.

  • EV Code Signing follows The Strong Authentication of Publisher or Software as per exclusive CA/Browser Forum protocols, whereas Normal Code Signing includes normal norms for validated publishers.
  • EV Code Signing holds a private key on an external encrypted hardware device, whereas Normal Code Signing holds a private key in developer’s machine.
  • EV Code Signing supports Microsoft SmartScreen filter along with the latest web browsers and operating systems, whereas Normal Code Signing supports only web browsers and operating systems.

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