Mac Apps Initiated to Decline Launch for Expiring Developer Certificates

PUBLISH DATE: 26 Feb 2017

It’s prerequisite now to have Code Signing Certificate with Provisioning Profile at Mac App Store.


Mac App Store has brought dramatic modification in App Store security protocols. The sudden modification in security policy became the major cause to delay in upcoming launches of apps in Mac App Store.

The update became very crucial and certainly, the result was terrible to some of app developer’s because it crashed instantly many of Apps on launch. Developers had apologized for this major issue and investigated the reason. It has been official claimed a reason that the entire issue came in action due to expiry of code signing certificates.

Normally, Apple authenticate app developers with digital code signing certificate to make sure that an app that they are dealing with fully authenticated with digital signature by trusted Certificate Authorities such as Symantec, Thawte, and Comodo. App Store assures that downloaded application from outside of Mac App Store is belongs from authenticated source. The digital assets of application such as scripts, code, and content have been verified by code signing certificate and they haven’t been modified since they were signed by code signing digital security certificate.

MAC Code Signing Certification

Apple has been initiated the process of authentication for profiles since last year and those profile, which are authenticated they known as “Provisioning  Profile”.

The valid Provisioning Profile is indicator to masOS that application has been verified by Apple protocols and it seems valid to list on Mac App Store and available for download. Additionally, the profile also holds digital signature of valid Apple Code Signing Certificate. In case, due to any unknown reason if code signing certificate expires then the Provisioning Profile will become unauthorized to list future apps.

It has already claimed by victims that their certificate was going to expire, but it was misunderstanding regarding Mac App Store protocols. Here is the official statement and blog post by Victim.

“We knew our developer certificate was going to expire on Saturday, but thought nothing of it because we believed those were only necessary when publishing a new version. Apparently that's not the case. In reality it had the unexpected side effect of causing macOS to refuse to launch 1Password properly.”

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